European Leadership Team

Paychex Europe is headed up and managed by CEO Henrik Møller and the European Leadership Team which consists of executives from each functional area and country managers. The European Leadership Team is responsible for the development and implementation of the Paychex Europe strategy. Paychex Europe is a part of Paychex Inc. CEO Henrik Møller reports to the President and CEO of Paychex. Inc. John Gibson.

Henrik Møller

CEO Paychex Europe

Anne Mette Barfod

CFO Paychex Europe

Peter Tvermoes Meier

International Corporate Counsel Paychex Europe

Thomas Jelbo

Country Manager GTM Denmark Paychex Europe

Henrik Borch

CIO Paychex Europe

Tim Schüette

Country Manager GTM Deutschland Paychex Europe

Bo Abildgren

CPO Paychex Europe

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